Happy New Year 2021 Quotes Funny – Best Collection – Try Not To Laugh

Today we are going to reveal our best collection of Happy New Year 2021 Quotes Funny. Can you accept the Try Not To Laugh challenge? Let’s test it. We hope that everyone will like this funny new year quotes collection.

Happy New Year 2021 Quotes Funny

happy new year 2021 quotes funny
happy new year 2021 quotes funny

Same sun, same moon, same me. What’s new?

Where is the new year? He has taken my old year from me. I will beat him.

Why! Why you have come! The old year was better. Go back!

I have passed 1 year with you! It’s unbelievable!

You told me to change myself. That’s why I am changing everything. Even my life partner also!

Sorry! I can’t meet you this year. Wait for 2021.

I am leaving. Will come back after 1 year! Cooldown! It’s 11:50, will come back after 10 minutes in 2021.

I need 1 year break! Now 2020, 11:30 pm. I will be back in 2021.

Sorry for this year. But I will continue next year also! My Annoying Behavior.

Forgive me for this year. Also, advance for next year.

New year. New celebration. Can I have a new lover?

Do you know me? I am the old one in the new packet.

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