203+ Short Bedtime Stories | The Girl Next Door Was Having Romance

Short Bedtime Stories: I woke up in the middle of the night, so I left the bed and stood by the window. I looked at the window of the house next to mine because the lights in their room were on.

I noticed a man there hugging a girl and kissing her on the neck and back. The guy kept on kissing, but I was surprised that the girl was not enjoying it.

Short Bedtime Stories

The girl was looking at me strangely, even though I didn’t know the girl, nor did I know the man who was having romance with her because I was new in that area and that night was my first night there.

I was really enjoying that time very much because for the first time I saw a couple having a romance in front of my own eyes. Honestly, that girl was so attractive that I wanted to spend a night with her.

When you look at a girl who has no clothes on her body, you can easily understand how attractive she is. The color of her skin was attracting me like a magnet. You may not have been told that I was only 17 at the time and the girl was probably my age.

After the man had a romance with the girl for a long time, he got tired and went to bed. But the girl was still standing in front of the window, looking at me. I don’t know why the girl was having romance with the man with the window open, even after watching me.

Somehow I felt like she wanted to show me the moment of her romance. Although I had no previous acquaintance with the girl. Yet I could not understand why the girl was trying to show me by turning on the light in her bedroom and leaving the window open.

The Girl Next Door Was Having Romance

The girl stood by the window all night, looking as if she wanted to share her grief with me. I don’t know why I thought the girl was not happy. Maybe she had a lot of pain in her heart, which she wanted to share with me.

When the morning light began to shine, for a few minutes she went into the room and brought her clothes. Then she stood in front of the window and put on her clothes. I saw everything, everything from her hair to foot was seen by me.

That morning I saw the girl drive away from the house with the man. Then the man came home alone, and I never saw that girl again. My guess is the guy hired the girl for one night. Because many times since then I have seen this guy with other girls.

I thought the girl was my neighbor, and I had a lot of desire to talk to her. But not all desires are fulfilled, and this desire of mine was also on the unfulfilled list. Yet I searched for that girl almost all the time, but never saw her.

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